Made this last night for the first time and it was fab. Thought I’d share.

It’s based around a recipe in a Good Food 101 Veggie Recipes (or something like that). Anyway that’s how it started out.

So, you’ll need:

Courgettes (3)
Large Jar tomato pasta sauce (Sainsbury’s in UK appear to have a new range of pasta sauces, suitable for vegan and labelled as such. I grabbed a tomato and herb one)
Some white wine
Two Tins flageolet beans
Fresh Rosemary
Smoked paprika
Salt and pepper
Vegan marg

I made this in a large shallow pan as it looked good and worked with garlic bread on top.

Chop and sauté onion in oil. Cut courgettes and carrots into chunks and add to pan. Keep turning and cooking until courgettes are browned a bit. Add wine and reduce by half.

Add beans, sauce, rosemary, paprika, olives and bring to boil. Allow to cook for ten minutes. Season as required.

Meanwhile, prepare garlic bread. Mush up garlic and mix into margarine. Slice baguette diagonally about an inch thick. Spread garlic butter on one side (quite thickly).

Arrange garlic bread on top of pan and put under hot grill for ten mins until bread is toasted. Buttered side up of course!

Serve and enjoy. Here’s what mine looked like.


I have a never ending experiment going on to produce a superb Vegan Yorkshire Pudding. Generally mine turn out as Yorkshire biscuits. But then again even before I saw the light and became vegan I could never make a decent Yorkshire pud. I have no idea why.

Anyway, this Sunday they seemed to work rather well, they rose and stayed rose (is that real English?). I was actually rather delighted with them, so much so I don’t mind sharing it with you.

So how did I make them? As you know, I’m not one for weights and measures so this will be a little off the cuff but bear with it.

First of all, put your oven on. Hot. Very hot. The hottest it can go. Put a little oil in some pudding tins. I use a tin that makes four medium sized (about 4 inches (100mm) diameter). This quantity makes eight puddings. This size. Of course you can also use bun tins to make smaller puds. When I was younger we used to have them made in bun tins and sometimes my mum used to make extra and we’d have them for pudding. She called them pop-tops and we had them hot, served with golden syrup :). A bit like Chinese pineapple or banana fritters without the fruit.

Anyway, about a tsp of oil in each tin. Try to use an oil that can take high temp. I use sunflower. Put these in the oven to get hot.

Put about four rounded tablespoons of self-raising flour in a bowl or jug. Add half a tablespoon of either soya flour or chickpea flour (also called gram flour). A sprinkle of salt. Even in our salt reduced days they need a bit of salt to taste right. Then add about a quarter of a pint of soy milk and whisk it all together. I also added a tablespoon of plain soya yoghurt this week to see if that helped. Whisk as much air into the mixture as you can. It should resemble the texture of thick cream. Add more flour or milk if required.

Once the oil in the tins is hot and probably starting to smoke, take them out and fill tins about 75% full of mixture and get them back in the oven quickly. The quicker this is done the better, keep them hot.


If you’re lucky enough to have a glass front on your oven, you can watch them rise. After about ten mins, turn the oven down to about 70% (180C ish) and cook on for another 20-30 mins.

They should come out dark brown, crispy and puffed up.

Here’s a photo of a couple with my lunch from Sunday.

Sometimes I don’t add the soya or gram flour, sometimes I add an egg replacement product, sometimes I don’t. The outcome is always different but even if they don’t rise they’re generally crispy and taste OK anyway.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on if you decide to try them.

Another wonderful winter warmer.

Boil up some spuds and mash them with some marg and soy milk. I add some nice freshly ground black pepper.

While the potatoes are cooking, soften some onions and garlic in some olive oil. Add some chopped carrots, butternut squash, mushrooms, 2 tins of aduki beans, half a bottle of passata, some rosemary, a handful of porridge oats, pepper, Worcester sauce, smoked paprika.

Let this simmer for about 15 mins until veg has softened. Place in a dish, top with potato. This time I added a crunchy topping made from a mixture of breadcrumbs, yeast flakes, pepper, rosemary and a little oil all mixed together.

Put under the grill until brown and crispy.


And there was plenty left over for lunches.

This weather makes me want to eat delicious warming stews, so I thought I’d better make myself one!

I took a selection of vegetables, see photo. I’ve got onion, leeks, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, swede, butternut squash, garlic, mushrooms, some nice fresh thyme and, bizarrely, a punnet of cherry tomatoes that were sat in the fridge doing nothing.

Put a nice big pan on the heat with some oil and start adding the vegetables as you chop them up. Start with the onions and garlic so they soften before adding the others. Make sure they’re cut up into similar sized pieces.

When you’ve added them all, add some flavourings. I had the fresh thyme. Rosemary is always good, fresh or dry. I also add some freshly ground black pepper and a sprinkling of a good vegan Worcester sauce.

Add liquid to almost cover the vegetables and bring to the boil. Cover and let it simmer while you prepare the dumplings. For the liquid, this time I used some bouillon powder and water. Sometimes a little white wine is good too.

Now onto the important part of the meal. The dumplings! Mix about 4oz self raising flour with 2oz vegetable suet and some flavouring. Today I added smoked paprika and pepper. Herbs are always a good bet of course.

Add enough cold water to bind together so it isn’t too wet. Divide this amount into 8 and roll into balls. Place them on top of the simmering stew and cover with the lid and cook for another 20 mins. It is imperative that the lid is a good tight fit and you do not lift it until dumplings are cooked. If you do, they will not cook properly.

Serve and enjoy.

I had lots left over for lunches, see if you can spot them over the next few weeks!

We like lasagna.

Actually I’m a sucker for any sort of pasta meal. One of my particular favourites is penne with a rich tomato based sauce with meditteranean vegetables like courgette and aubergine and artichoke hearts. Hmmm I digress.

Onto my lasagne.

I make up a tomato based sauce, this one went something like this… Sauté an onion and add garlic once softened. Add some carrot, aubergine, courgette, red, green and yellow peppers, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes all chopped into small pieces. Cook down for a while then add some passata. I had some left over red wine so added a bit of this as well. Season with pepper, oregano, basil and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. I also add a few coriander seeds which work beautifully with tomato sauce. Cover and allow to simmer while you make the white sauce.

This white sauce is based on one from the uncheese cookbook (which I cannot recommend enough by the way, even if it is just for the sprinkles, which I think I’ve covered before?)

So, in a blender or processor mix some yeast flakes (a coupe of handfulls), a tablespoon of white miso, a tablespoon of tahini, a tablespoon of cornflour, two tbsp porridge oats, quarter pint of liquid (water, soy milk, white wine blend this time) and juice of one lemon. Blend until smooth.

Time to build lasagne. Put a layer of tomato sauce, a layer of lasagne sheets (I use easy cook) and repeat, finishing with pasta. Then pour on the white sauce to cover everything. Top with some Parmesan type sprinkles (try the ones in the aforementioned uncheese book!) and cook in hot oven (180-200c) for about 40 mins until top is browned.

Delicious with rocket salad and some crusty bread.

Some pictures.

Just going in oven and leftover ready for lunch pots 🙂

I absolutely love Chinese food. The tastes and textures are amazing. I’m also very lucky to have a great takeaway nearby and they deliver too.

We always over order deliberately. This mean I can bring leftovers to work and smell out the office.

The usual order consists of:

Vegetable spring rolls
Salt and pepper beancurd
Beancurd in Szechuan sauce
Beancurd in black bean sauce
Mixed vegetable curry
Mushroom fried rice (no egg)
Chilli fried rice (no egg)

Pineapple fritters
Banana fritters

All from The Royal Dragon, Coronation Avenue, Bath.


I went to the dentist this morning to have a filling. Wasn’t too bad as it was just a little bit of drillng and not half a face of numbness!

I digress. Today is Fajita Friday. Pretty straight forward really. I use a wok as it allows you to cook quickly.

Cut an onion into wedges and cook in oil until translucent. Add some sliced peppers; green, yellow and red. Also add some sliced mushrooms and cook down. I use the Old El Paso traditional fajita mix. So open a sachet and add that. Mix well.

I also add Fry’s Beef style wok strips, about half a box. Cook up until everything is hot. I also add a little liquid, maybe some wine or water and then thicken it with a bit of flour.

Serve with warm wraps and salsa, plain soy yoghurt and guacamole. I often add some jalapenos if I fancy a big hit.