Welcome to my new blog. I’ve been tweeting as MyVeganLunch for a few months now and have quite a lot of followers. I keep getting asked for recipes and the like and of course Twitter doesn’t really give me enough characters to give you a recipe.

A few things to know: I am British, so I use British measurements, that’s when I use measurements of course. More often than not my cooking is more like ‘a bit of this’ or ‘enough of that to your taste’. If you need to translate, I’m afraid you’ll need to find out what it means in your local currency.

I also use British names for things, again you’ll need to work our what you call it in your language or the version of English you speak. Not that I’m trying to put you off of course, honest. I put these here to share with you, not to annoy you.

Well, good luck and watch out for the first post!