This is one of my favourites!

It’s based on a recipe from a book called Easy Vegetarian, so I can’t claim it as my own.

The timing is important, need the pasta to be cooked just as the other bits are ready.

Cook up some broccoli until it is soft and then mash it up a bit with a fork or something. You need to break most of it down quite small, although it’s nice to have some chunky bits too.

Cook the penne as you like it. I like it al dente of course. A bit of a chew is always good on your pasta!

Toast some pinenuts, I do this by putting them into a dry frying pan over a high heat and keeping them moving until lightly browned. Some people prefer them darker.

In yet another, small pan heat some olive oil – you need quite a lot, I do about 10 seconds of tipping my oil container. Yeah, that helps! Pan is about four inches across and the oil is about half an inch deep. Into this add some chopped garlic and a well chopped chilli. Of course add the seeds if you like them. I do. Heat this for a while so the flavour of the garlic and chilli infuse into the oil. Don’t burn the garlic.

When all these things are done, mix it all together with some lemon juice, black pepper and a parmesan substitute. I make my own, based on the Parmesan Sprinkles in the Un-Cheese Cook Book.

All done! Enjoy 🙂