Here’s a thing.

I’d been fiddling about online and came across this blog talking about vegan ‘bake-at-home’ croissants available in Aldi stores. I decided to go and investigate for myself and tracked down my nearest Aldi as being in Trowbridge, a small Wiltshire town about a 20 minute drive from home.

As it was a Saturday morning, I also needed to do my normal grocery shop. This usually takes place in the Sainsbury in Bath, but as I was going to Trowbridge, I would use the opportunity to visit the large Tesco store there.

Lo and behold, there in the chiller, amongst the pastry I found tubes of croissant dough. These are made by Pilsbury, of the famous dough boy I presume, and are a little more expensive than the Aldi ones at £1.40 for a tube of six croissants.

The ingredients list has lactic acid, but as we all know this is very unlikely to be of milk origin. The allergy section says ‘contains traces of milk and egg ingredients’ which I take as their version of the ‘may contain’ due to manufacturing methods – same factory, same production line etc. Personally I’m comfortable with that but I know some of you out there aren’t.

Anyway – croissants without having to go into Aldi, which can only be a good thing!

I look forward to the morning when the house will be filled with the smell of baking croissants. Night all sweet dreams of patisserie.