So I got up this morning and made them! Here’s a little photo story of The Making.

1. Turn the oven on!

2. Take the tube and pull the little tab to unwrap the outer blue wrapper

3. Press here and twist to open the inner tube.

4. It’s now open – looks like a rolled up carpet of dough.

5. Unrolling the dough

6. Cut each triangle out and roll these up

7. Form into crescent shapes and put on baking parchment on baking sheet. Put them in the oven

8. I’ve got one of these  (I won it in a competition – I wouldn’t buy one!) which means I can make my own coffee straight from the beans with wonderfully frothed soya milk. I get my coffee from where they do some sublime Fairtrade Organic Decaf Espresso roast beans – check them out!

9. So while the croissants are baking, make yourself some cappuccino or latte to go with them.

10. Hoorah.  Delicious croissant! They’re a little smaller than you’d expect, so a tube of six doesn’t quite go round three for breakfast – make sure you do two tubes! They’re on a small side plate here, not a dinner plate, hence the reason they look big.