Well, I do like lunchtime on a Monday. Invariably it’s leftover Sunday lunch and today is no exception.

This week we had one of those Granose nut loaves with added bits: toasted pine nuts and sunflower seeds. My special roast potatoes. I make these by heating some oil in a hot oven and parboiling the spuds. Then I coat the drained potatoes in a mixture of turmeric, smoked paprika and cumin seeds. Put in the oil and roast until crispy.

This week’s parsnips were cooked in ginger. Coat parsnips in a little oil and ground ginger before roasting in oven.

Carrots, cut into little wedges by turning carrot by 90 degrees and then cutting diagonally (needs pictures I think) gives nicer chunks than slices or other shapes. These and broccoli steamed until just tender.

Vegan Yorkshire puddings always go down a treat. My current recipe involves about 4 tablespoons of flour (I used self raising yesterday), a pinch of salt and enough soy milk to make a smooth thick cream consistent batter. Whisk like crazy to get as much air in the mixture as possible. Pour into smoking oiled tins and put back in hot oven and do not open the oven door for about 20 mins. They don’t rise quite as much as egg ones, but they taste delicious (then again I could never get yorkshire pud to rise pre vegan days)

Plate up and smother in bisto gravy.

It’s what Sundays were invented for.