After the disaster of conference food (see tweet from yesterday), today I am back in the office and have a nice box of stuff 🙂

Mushroom Pie with boiled spuds and green beans.

The pie is based loosely on the Portabello Pot Pie from that mad woman’s book La Dolce Vegan. A fab book by the way.

So what do we do? Firstly we need some pastry, either buy some if you’re feeling lazy, I do sometimes, it doesn’t matter. However this pie has homemade pastry. I like to make what I learnt at school as Rough Puff. Really easy and light but doesn’t rise quite as much as puff or flaky.

So you’ll need some flour. Plain. I sometimes use white, sometimes wholemeal, sometimes a mixture, sometimes spelt etc etc. You cook, you know the deal. This one was plain white flour. About four ounces, then you need to add some fat. Seeing as we’re making rough puff, here’s the clever part. Make your fat as cold as possible, at a consistency where it will grate and keep it’s shape.

Grate about 2 oz fat into the flour and mix gently. Add enough icy cold water to mix it onto a dough. Roll it out once and fold it like you would for puff. Put it back in the fridge while you do the rest

Oven to about 180 C.

Cook up an onion and some garlic until soft. Add chopped portobello mushrooms (2), cut into bite size chunks. Also add a handfull of other mushrooms, ordinary buttons or shitake or cep etc. Cook for a few mins until mushrooms start to exude liquid.

Add sage, thyme, black pepper a couple of spuds and carrots cut into bite size. A couple of tbsp of dark soy sauce and stock to come halfway and then set to simmer until spuds are almost soft. Add some strong dark miso and stir in. Add enough flour for liquid to start to thicken.

Put all this in a pie dish and top with your cold pastry. Put in oven for about 20 mins.

Delicious with boiled new potatoes (especially Jersey Royals!) and some green veg like cabbage or green beans. You might need some more gravy if you like your meal wet.

And here a picture of what I looks like two days later for my lunch!