I went to the dentist this morning to have a filling. Wasn’t too bad as it was just a little bit of drillng and not half a face of numbness!

I digress. Today is Fajita Friday. Pretty straight forward really. I use a wok as it allows you to cook quickly.

Cut an onion into wedges and cook in oil until translucent. Add some sliced peppers; green, yellow and red. Also add some sliced mushrooms and cook down. I use the Old El Paso traditional fajita mix. So open a sachet and add that. Mix well.

I also add Fry’s Beef style wok strips, about half a box. Cook up until everything is hot. I also add a little liquid, maybe some wine or water and then thicken it with a bit of flour.

Serve with warm wraps and salsa, plain soy yoghurt and guacamole. I often add some jalapenos if I fancy a big hit.