I have a never ending experiment going on to produce a superb Vegan Yorkshire Pudding. Generally mine turn out as Yorkshire biscuits. But then again even before I saw the light and became vegan I could never make a decent Yorkshire pud. I have no idea why.

Anyway, this Sunday they seemed to work rather well, they rose and stayed rose (is that real English?). I was actually rather delighted with them, so much so I don’t mind sharing it with you.

So how did I make them? As you know, I’m not one for weights and measures so this will be a little off the cuff but bear with it.

First of all, put your oven on. Hot. Very hot. The hottest it can go. Put a little oil in some pudding tins. I use a tin that makes four medium sized (about 4 inches (100mm) diameter). This quantity makes eight puddings. This size. Of course you can also use bun tins to make smaller puds. When I was younger we used to have them made in bun tins and sometimes my mum used to make extra and we’d have them for pudding. She called them pop-tops and we had them hot, served with golden syrup :). A bit like Chinese pineapple or banana fritters without the fruit.

Anyway, about a tsp of oil in each tin. Try to use an oil that can take high temp. I use sunflower. Put these in the oven to get hot.

Put about four rounded tablespoons of self-raising flour in a bowl or jug. Add half a tablespoon of either soya flour or chickpea flour (also called gram flour). A sprinkle of salt. Even in our salt reduced days they need a bit of salt to taste right. Then add about a quarter of a pint of soy milk and whisk it all together. I also added a tablespoon of plain soya yoghurt this week to see if that helped. Whisk as much air into the mixture as you can. It should resemble the texture of thick cream. Add more flour or milk if required.

Once the oil in the tins is hot and probably starting to smoke, take them out and fill tins about 75% full of mixture and get them back in the oven quickly. The quicker this is done the better, keep them hot.


If you’re lucky enough to have a glass front on your oven, you can watch them rise. After about ten mins, turn the oven down to about 70% (180C ish) and cook on for another 20-30 mins.

They should come out dark brown, crispy and puffed up.

Here’s a photo of a couple with my lunch from Sunday.

Sometimes I don’t add the soya or gram flour, sometimes I add an egg replacement product, sometimes I don’t. The outcome is always different but even if they don’t rise they’re generally crispy and taste OK anyway.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on if you decide to try them.